Make Your Baby Stop Crying With These Tips
What Make Your Little Baby Cry

Some More Tips To Make Your Baby Stop Crying


It's quite amazing that some babies cry because of the silence in the environment, why this is so? There is a very simple explanation for this phenomenon, everyone knows before the journey of this practical world a baby takes his first breath in mother's womb, which is the world in itself for a baby, he often hears various sounds there i.e. his mother's heartbeat, or gurgling sound of stomach, etc. because a womb isn't a tranquil refuge. So here are some brilliant tricks which can make your baby happy.

Make some noise

Simply turn on a fan its air will make your baby sleepy and its whizzing sound will seem like music to baby's delicate small ears

Use a vacuum

Turn on the vacuum the vibration and noise of the vacuum will make your baby think that he is still in the womb, and he will stop crying.

Shush your baby

Befool your baby by making him feel that he is still in the womb by making sounds like shush with your mouth and say this in your baby's ear. This will work out for you.

White noise

Make some noise of various frequencies like a sound of waterfall or rainfall it will calm your baby.

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