Some More Tips To Make Your Baby Stop Crying
Save Your Newborn From Colic Disease

What Make Your Little Baby Cry


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What happens we suffer from gas or constipation or we get ill? We get irritated, and sometimes due to the pain we cry. The situation is identical in baby's they are so small that they can't speak to us about their problems so we have to find out the issues they are having in order to calm them and stop them from the tiring exercise called crying. Here are some tips for the people who have become parents for the first time.

Check your baby

When you find your baby crying figure out what is the matter with him? If you are suspicious that your baby has developed gas to get rid of gas simply follow these steps.

pick up your baby and give him kiss first and then lay him down across your knees and caress his back

Place your baby on his back and move his legs like a bicycle.

You can also use gas drops that are available for infants with a consultation of your doctor.

Check for colic

There a chance that your baby is suffering from colic it is the disease that causes pain in the abdomen due to some blockage in the intestine. You will find it by baby's inconsolable cries. And you have to pamper your baby.


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