What Make Your Little Baby Cry

Save Your Newborn From Colic Disease

Colic is the disease that is very common in babies but seeing your baby cry for hours is a heart-wrenching sight for the parents even it is unbearable for strangers too. During colic, a baby cries constantly for three hours sometimes more in a day and this can prolong for a week or maybe the month. This is very unsettling for the parents to see their child suffering. But no need to worry there are some tips that will help you out surely because they worked out well for some moms.


  • Envelop your little angel in a blanket

  • You can take your baby somewhere out for a walk

  • A little jumping can also pacify your baby, all you have to do is to hold your little fussier in your hands inflexible and hop gently on a mattress

  • Turn on your music player and play some sweet music for your baby

  • Give your infant a mild massage with some baby oil

  • You can also do knee bends slowly while holding your baby carefully upon your shoulder.

  • Keep your baby busy by showing him some toys.

It takes a time to get rid of colic but you need to be strong. Do you need more information?


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